Call for Helpers

Join Us as a Helper on the Day of the Conference

Do you want to attend the conference and help us on that day? Then please let us know.

We can always use more helpers to chair sessions, help at the registration desk, take photos, videotape the talks or man our twitter account for some live tweeting.

Being a helper on the day of the conference is the best way to really engage in the conference and to meet people without the awkward "so what do you do?".

Let us know at if you're interested.

As a thank you you'll get an awesome helper t-shirt!

Organize the Next Summit With Us

The Swiss Python Summit is organized by the "Swiss Python Summit Association".

This is mainly a legal construct necessary to hold a bank account and to sign contracts without putting any single person on the hook.

If you want to become an organizer, that is you want to help us all year round to prepare for the best day of the year, let us know at

We always have some job to do, from working with sponsors to updating the website, designing the print materials or organising the registration process. As a member you'll be able to influence where this conference is headed. Figuratively and literally!

Note that members are required to pay a small membership fee of 20 CHF a year. This fee is used to cover the running costs of the association and it is meant to be a symbolic token that helps us avoid gathering passive members.

You can find the bylaws of the association here, if you are into this kind of stuff: