Talk Recordings

Python Summit Talk Recordings

We recorded all the talks at the 2017 edition of our conference. Over the next few weeks, we will publish the videos and accompanying slides here!


  • Gaël Varoquaux – Writing Code for Science and Data [slides]
  • Radomir Dopieralski – Hobby Electronics with MicroPython [slides]
  • Armin Rigo – RevDB, a Reverse Debugger [slides]
  • Barnaby Skinner – Scraping the Federal Administrative Court's Database and Analysing the Verdicts [slides]
  • Dave Halter – Python is Weird [slides]
  • Dan Maas – Massively Multiplayer Online Game Servers in Twisted Python [slides]
  • Aarno Aukia – Scalable Python with Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift [slides]
  • Rae Knowler – Python, Locales and Writing Systems [slides]
  • Raphael Nestler – Python in the Hardware Industry [slides]